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Why Cleaning your own Area rug isn't the best idea.

Professional rug cleaning goes further than your regular vacuum or home steam cleaner can do. The equipment techniques and tools used will disinfect and clean your rugs, creating a hygienic environment for you and your family.

Professional rug cleaners have training and experience to tackle the many types of rugs on the market. Some require different cleaning methods from others. Using the wrong technique can damage the rug fiber and in time ruins the rug.

High quality area rugs can be expensive, so having them professionally cleaned is just part of the investment you need to extend the life of your rug. Dirt and debris over time can permanently damage rug fibers that results in wear and discoloration of the rug. 

Professional rug cleaners can also help with trouble areas left by pets, children and walking traffic that can leave your rugs stained and worn. A professional rug cleaner can help you freshen your rugs, eliminate odors and prevent rugs from matting from use.

The rug cleaner can also assess your rugs use to determine how often you should get your rugs cleaned. Rug cleaning can be a time and energy intensive process, however allowing a professional to take over frees up valuable time for you to spend your time doing things you enjoy or to spend time with your family.


  • Area Rugs and Installed Carpet are constructed differently, thus need different cleaning methods.

  • In home carpet cleaning equipment can not provide a thorough cleaning to area rugs

  • Real area rug damage occurs deep in the foundation layers and needs a more intense soak.

  • Area rug cleaning in home can results on residue that cakes on the bottom of your rug causing dry rot over time. The residue left from in home area rug cleaning can make your rug attract dirt faster.

  • Proper Area rug cleaning requires immersed washing and pre dusting to reduce fiber damage.Immersive washing allows for a complete rinse of all cleaning solutions in your rug.

  • High pH carpet cleaning chemicals and intense steam extraction can strip the dye from the rug.Area rugs have much denser fiber and require a longer and specific dry time and technique to prevent mold

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Professional carpet cleaners have knowledge to clean your expensive carpets with high quality shampoo or detergents which help to remove stubborn stain from it at reasonable charges.


Finding carpet cleaners is not a difficult job today as there are hundreds of agencies offering services at your disposal. But when you hand over your property to them, the result might not match your expectation.


Every rug requires a typical type of cleaning method. So, it is obvious to hire professionals because they know which type of method is suitable for a particular type of rug.

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