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Stains and Restoration


Pet and other Biological Stains

Accidents happen whether it be your pet or a household member. No matter the unpleasant nature of the job we can clean it. Urine, feces, vomit or even blood, we can take care of the stain using a special enzyme cleaner to thoroughly remove any biological matter.


Food Stains

Who hasn't had that klutz moment and spilled your dinner plate on the floor? Got a little tipsy with the wine, or not been awake enough to balance that mug of coffee. Don't get us started on the kids and their red kool-aid stains. We can make it look like it was never there.


Household and Chemical Stains

Oh look Billy drew a family portrait on the carpet with moms lipstick! You'll get to that right after you wipe up those greasy footprints dad tracked in. But don't forget about the melted Candle wax near the end table. Gum, ink, paint, hair dye, lotion, or makeup we got a stain remover for that!


Bleach Stains

There are some stains that are beyond stain removal. there's no cleaner that's going to remove that spot, no matter how hard you scrub. Bleach spots are one example. But instead of cleaning the spot, we can remove it and replace it with another carpet piece so it was like it was never there.


Emergency Flood Cleanup

Floods happen, it's life and it sucks, whether it be a leaky toilet or sink spreading into the hallway, a leaky roof creating a huge puddle in the living room or whole house flood. We can extract the water from your carpets and leave high powered drying fans to speed up the process.

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