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Dirty Tile and Grout are the bane of any bathroom. The tile looks grimy, cloudy, and stained, and the grout...well you can't help but ask yourself "Was it originally that dark?" The answer most often is no and it doesn't have to stay that way. We can bring shine, clarity and brightness back to your tile floors. We can tackle that stubborn grout line without you even having to worry what made it that color. All you'll see after our tile and grout service is clean.

No more time wasted on your hands and knees, smelling of vinegar and baking soda. Give your back a break by avoiding the endless chore of scrubbing every single grout line. We have professional cleaning solutions and high powered cleaning equipment that can cut through that lived in grime and mildew and remove the dark staining from your grout lines.


We can also determine the the safest method to clean your tile depending on the make of your flooring. Most common is porcelain, but we can also clean ceramic, marble, limestone, and travertine. Keeping your tiles cleaned regularly can maintain the integrity of the tile and prevent future weakening of the surface and finish.

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