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  • Do you confirm appointments with a phone call or email?
    Generally we do not confirm appointments unless the customer requests we do so during the initial appointment phone call. However if you give us your email at the time of booking, we can send a reminder email the day before your service visit.
  • Is It better to get an estimate over the phone or in person?
    We are able to give a general estimate over the phone if given the right information (Sq footage, number of stains, additional services requested) however you will get a more accurate estimate in person.
  • What types of payments do you accept?
    We accept, Cash, Check, Paypal, Visa and Mastercard and other Credit Cards accepted by Square.
  • Do you only clean carpets in homes or do you also clean carpets in businesses?
    We service both residential and commercial customers.
  • Do you offer weekend and evening appointments?
    Yes, if you are unable to schedule an appointment during our normal 9-5 weekday service hours, we do offer the occasional evening and Saturday appointment.
  • Should I prepare my home for carpet cleaning?
    It is very helpful if you can remove small items from the carpet, such as toys, shoes, and papers. It’s easier if we have a clear carpet surface to work on. Pre vacuuming and moving light furniture out of the way is also very helpful and very much appreciated, but we are able to do these tasks for you if you are unable.
  • How long will it take to clean my carpets?
    This depends on the square footage of the areas we have been tasked to clean, as well as any additional services you request such as pet stain removal, deodorizing, upholstery work and tile and grout cleaning. An average job can take anywhere from 3-5 hours.
  • Do you move furniture you are cleaning around?
    We generally do not move furniture around, unless specifically requested. We do offer furniture moving with our premium platinum service package. However furniture moving is limited to smaller pieces such as chairs, love seats, tables…etc, larger items such as entertainment centers, television sets, beds and extra heavy furniture that may require more than one person to move, we would generally clean around.
  • Do I need to leave my house while you are cleaning?
    You are free to stay or leave while we are cleaning your carpets. The process can be a little loud and can take a few hours so if you want to run an errand or visit a neighbor, or if you wish to stay and supervise the process, we are ok with whatever you want to do. We do however recommend placing any pets in an area that is closed off from the areas that are being cleaned.
  • Can I walk on the carpet right after the cleaning?
    es you can walk on the carpets right after cleaning, they may be slightly damp, but they will dry quickly. We do recommend that you avoid walking around with shoes you’ve been wearing outside until the carpets are full dry. If you are concerned with tracking dirt in during the cleaning process we can provide you with “booties” you can wear over your shoes.
  • If my carpet is heavily soiled will that require an extra fee?
    No extra fee is required for heavily soiled areas.
  • After you clean my carpets, will they re-soil quicker?"
    With our state-of-the-art truck mounted cleaning unit, we completely rinse out all residue left behind by companies using outdated methods or do it yourself cleaning units.
  • Can you get all the spots out of my carpet?
    With our equipment and training we feel confident in our abilities to remove most stains, however no carpet cleaning service can guarantee the removal of all spots. We do however guarantee the most thorough cleaning you have ever received.
  • Is there a travel charge?
    There might be an additional travel charge is you are outside our general service area, Make sure to ask when you call to double check.
  • What if I need to cancel my appointment?
    You are free to cancel your appointment as long as you give us 24 hour notice.
  • How do you guarantee customer satisfaction?
    At A Plus Carpet Cleaning we pride ourselves on making sure every customer is satisfied with our cleaning service and for whatever reason you may have an issue with any of our services we will be happy to return and fix the issue for free.
  • What method do you use to clean carpets?
    In most cases we use hot water extraction, also known as steam cleaning, however we are able to use bonnet/dry cleaning if requested.
  • Why should I have my carpets cleaned?
    There are often many unseen pollutants, allergens, insects, chemicals, bacteria and various soil contaminants that can hide in your carpet. When your carpets are not regularly cleaned they have the potential to cause a variety of health problems.
  • How often should I have my carpets cleaned?
    The frequency of carpet cleaning depends on a few factors such as, the number of people living in the residence, number of pets, surrounding exterior, and how often you remove your shoes before walking on your carpets. A safe minimum would be to have your carpets cleaned about every six months. Homes with heavier traffic flow should be cleaned every four months.
  • Do you offer carpet and upholstery protection?
    Yes, we offer 3M Scotchguard protection at an additional 20 cents per sq foot. Scotchguard creates a barrier around each fiber that resists moisture and reduces the wear and tear on your carpets and upholstery.
  • Won't water ruin my carpets?
    Today’s carpets are basically water resistant, and the limited amount of water left in the carpet due to our high-powered suction leaves the carpets damp, causing no problem to the carpet.
  • What do you consider an area?
    Any single room 300 sq ft or smaller. Living room/dining room combos are considered two areas.
  • How does A Plus Carpet Cleaning clean upholstery?
    We start by spraying the upholstery with a special cleaning solution, then agitate the solution and then we use an upholstery tool to apply steam and then we go back over the upholstery with the wand to extract the water and cleaning solution.
  • How long will my furniture take to dry?
    We use a similar method and equipment to clean your upholstery as we do your carpets, so the drying time is essentially the same. Your upholstery might feel slightly damp to the tough after we’ve finished but will dry within a couple of hours.
  • The tag on my furniture says dry clean only, can A Plus Carpet Cleaning still clean it?"
    Yes we can, but first we’ll test the fabric to determine the appropriate cleaning method will be the safest and most effective.
  • What will professional cleaning do to the protective coating I purchased with my upholstered furniture?
    Professional cleaning can have an impact on your protective coating, but not as much as the dirt and contaminants that accumulate over time, as well as the wear and tear of daily use. However we can re-apply this coating following a cleaning.
  • How do you clean tile and grout?
    We use a high-pressure rotary tool with rotating jets powered by our truck-mounted steam/pressure machine we use to deep clean your carpet. We use cleaners specific to tile and grout that remove waxy build-up and the dirt embedded in the grout lines.
  • Why should I have my grout lines sealed?
    Grout is a porous material and tends to absorbs soil and spills, just like carpet. Applying a sealant will help create a protective barrier, giving you more time to clean up dirt and liquid spills before they soak into the grout.
  • How long do I have to stay off the floor after the sealant has been applied?
    We recommend you wait 30 minutes before walking on the floor. The sealant will dry completely 24 hours after application; so avoid spilling liquids on the sealant during this time.
  • Do I have to use a special floor cleaner if I have the sealant applied?
    Using a gentle cleanser and rinsing it thoroughly is recommended on new sealant. You’ll want to avoid bleach or other harsh chemicals that can break down the sealant over time.
  • Is A Plus Carpet Cleaning Insured?
    Yes, we are licensed and insured. We have liability and personal property damage insurance coverage in case we cause any damage to your property, although we are very careful to avoid property damage.
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