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Upholstery cleaning can not only brighten the look of your furniture but also sterilize, renew and protect.

Chances are there isn't just dirt and dust covering up your beautiful couch, but sweat, skin debris and oils, dust mites, allergens, mold spores, grease, food residue, harmful particulates and chemicals and even left over bacteria and viruses from a sick family member. Your favorite couch, love seat, recliner, even mattress are essentially sponges for everything they come in contact with. These stains, seen or unseen can seep into your cushions and multiply in the crevices where you only thought loose change lived.


How about your pets? What's lurking in your sofa after all the time Fido has spent cuddling up with the family? And don't forget about that stain you thought you cleaned after he had his accident or the cat had an upset stomach. Bodily stains need to be treated with special enzyme cleaners to ensure a complete removal. Any reminisce of the stain can confuse the animal and he might re-soil the spot. And we cant ignore the fur build up! Brush and roll till your arm gives out, but embedded pet fur is notoriously hard to remove, kind of like glitter, you think you got it all, but there's always more!

Also be aware there isn't a one size fits all method to cleaning upholstery. Microfiber, wool, velvet, linen, jute, cotton, chenille, leather, and even silk all have their own particular cleaning specifications in order to properly clean but also not destroy the fabric. While not all material is suitable for steam cleaning, our technicians can inspect your furniture and either provide the best technique to clean your fabrics or recommend a DIY method or product that will get you the results you want.


Hopefully all that information doesn't have you scared to interact with you furniture. You can still have nice, well taken care of upholstery and use it daily. This is where fabric protectant comes in. A Plus can treat your upholstery with a fabric seal that will diminish the amount of dirt and oil that gets embedded in your fibers, fabric seal can also give you time to clean up that dark wine stain without it setting in and in general make everyday cleanup a breeze. In the video to your left you can watch our owner Damon treat one of his couch pillows and witness the immediate benefit.

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