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Carpet cleaning isn't just our job, it's how we help make your home attractive, safe and comfortable to live in. Whether it be needing stains cleaned, sanitizing odors or contaminants, emergency water extractions and clean up, repairing that hole Spot chewed into the rug or just a quick refresh of your carpets fibers. we can handle it all.

We take pride in our work and make sure it's done thoroughly. Many carpet cleaners are interested in just getting the job done. We want it done right! 

There are many steps that other cleaners can skip that can lead to further damage or rapid re-soiling of your carpets.

  • Did they pre-vaccum?

  • Did they agitate the cleaning solution to maximize its effects on your carpet fibers?

  • How about offering your fabric protectant to ensure your cleaning lasts longer?

  • Was the cleaning solutions complete rinsed from your carpets to avoid attracting future debris?

  • Did they provide a thorough extraction of the moisture in your carpets to prevent mold growth?

  • Was an enzyme solution used on our pet stains to completely remove odors and bacteria?

  • Did they offer you multiple cleaning methods depending on what would work best on your carpet?

  • Did they offer you corner guards or use protective foot covers to protect your other household surfaces from damage?

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Screen Shot 2019-05-23 at 9.17.47 AM.png
Screen Shot 2019-05-23 at 9.26.31 AM.png
Screen Shot 2019-05-23 at 9.19.30 AM.png

You wont ever need to ask your A Plus Carpet Cleaning technician any of these questions, because the answer is YES! We have all your bases covered. We understand not all carpet is the same and some need special care. We know how aggravating it can be to clean up after a pet accident only to have it re-soiled days later because the smell remained letting your pet know that this is an ok spot to use the bathroom. We are educated and trained in the proper solutions, temperature and equipment to use to service your exact cleaning needs. Simply put, you will never need to worry about any cleaning provided by us.

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