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How to Remove Pet Hair Using Household items.

Our Home is our pets domain, but we don't have it make it look so obvious that they marked their territory. Keep your home pet hair free with these everyday items you might find around your house.

Hand- Soak the palm of your hand and wipe the pet hair in a downward motion, this will cause the hair to ball up and stick to your damp hand. When the hair gets wet it becomes heavier and has less static electricity and thus is easier to grip and remove.

Latex Glove – Rub the surface with the glove, the pet hair should stick to the latex. This will also work with rubber gloves or gardening gloves with a rubber coating on the palm. Dampen the rubber section of the glove for a more effective hair pick up.

Damp Sponge – You can use a barely damped kitchen sponge on your low pile carpets to remove pet hair, although you should vacuum first. Simply rub the fabric, upholstery or carpet with the sponge and watch the fur rill into clumps you can them pick up by hand.

Inflated Balloon – Rub the inflated balloon over the surface that has pet hair on it. The static of the balloon will attract the pet hair, then collect it off the balloon and re-use.

Velcro Curlers – Rub or dab Velcro curlers on hair-covered surfaces to pick up unwanted hair.

Fabric Softener Sheets – You can use a dryer sheet to pick up hair off fabric and carpets. Misting the surface first with a mixture of fabric softener and water to prep the area can also be very effective.

Packing or Scotch Tape – You can use tape to peel off hair and fur from your fabric and carpets. Easiest way is to wrap some tape around your hand with the sticky side facing outward and tap the areas that need hair removal. The hair will stick to the tape and you can simply throw it out afterwards.

Rubber Broom – If you brush your upholstery or carpets with a rubber broom, this can help remove stubborn pet hair by using static electricity to pull the hair out.

Window Squeegee – Drag the squeegee across the surface of your fabric or carpet to collect unwanted hair and watch the hair just left up, then roll it into a ball and pick it up.

Hand Vacuum – If you happen to have a special pet hair attachment like one made by Dyson that rotates and twists to avoid tangled up hair in your attachment, then you can easily remove pet hair from you carpets and upholstery.

Professional Carpet Cleaner – If you are just at your wits end with pet hair and have surface areas that are too large to handle with these DIY methods then it’s always a good idea to call in a professional carpet cleaner like A Plus Carpet Cleaning to remove the hair over larger surfaces. Professional cleaners have the proper tools and powerful equipment to suction out pat hair you didn’t even know was there. You can even ask them to show you the hair the collect in their filters.

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