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DIY Carpet Dyeing to Rejuvenate your Carpets

Carpets are subjected to wear and tear during regular use. Sunlight, moisture, pets, accidental spillovers etc. are very common factors that tarnish and fade away your expensive carpets. Replacing them with a new one after every three or four years of usage isn’t really an option for most people. A normal household can go for carpet dye which is inexpensive and easy to apply. It can totally rejuvenate the existing home decors. Carpet dye comes in various colors, so you can choose the one that suits best. You can dye it yourself or get professional help. We will discuss both ways to dye the carpet – personally & professionally.

How to dye carpet yourself.

Dying carpet is not a complicated procedure .You can dye it yourself, but the results will be obviously better if you go for professional services. Anyways, to start dying procedures make sure you have good dye, sprayer, vacuum cleaner and brush.

Step 1: Clean the carpet thoroughly with your vacuum cleaner. You can also use professional equipment like dust extractor & shampooing machine to deep clean the carpet. Carpet cleaning before dye application is done to make the carpet fibers untangle and get fresh, so that they can easily absorb the carpet dye. And do not forget to remove all your furniture from the room. The walls also need covering, to protect from acidic dye stains.

Step 2: Before full application, the dye needs to be tested for results. Take a small portion of carpet dye and mix with other supporting agents, as instructed on the packet. Fill it in the sprayer and spray at the chosen test area of carpet. Let the dye dry and check if the color & appearance is okay or not.

Step 3: if you are happy with the results, spray the dye all over the carpet carefully so that no portion is left. Here a brush can be used to distribute the dye uniformly. Leave the carpet to dry on own. Do not allow anybody to enter the room.

How to dye carpet professionally?

To dye carpet professionally, you don’t need to follow any methods or steps. Only thing required is to research well and find the best agency for your needs. The people who dye the carpet are professionally trained and hold license for doing the work. They can bring the best possible results.

Carpet dyeing may be an option for a landlord or property manager that just can afford to replace the carpets, but need to get that house or apartment ready for the next tenant.  Carpet dyeing could be the affordable answer.

One such professional company is A Plus Carpet Cleaning of Redding, Ca .You can rest assured that the professionals at A Plus Carpet Cleaning of Redding, Ca will always be professional and provide you with a high quality of service.  They specialize in Area rug cleaning, residential and commercial carpet cleaning, carpet dying, carpet repairs and stretching, upholstery cleaning, hard surface cleaning, and much more. Call Damon Rydell of A Plus Carpet Cleaning anytime at (530) 223-4723.  

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