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How to use Carpet Deodorizing Powder.

Many people use a deodorizing powder to help keep their homes smelling fresh. There are many scented brands of powder available in stores. But watch out and choose the right one. The wrong selection will create a bad smell that will be more difficult to gasp and chemicals used in the carpet deodorizing powder may damage the carpet fibers. Once you have decided and purchased, it needs to be used properly on the carpet. Here’s some simple home-use steps to deodorizing carpets at home.

1) Shake well before use.

2) Put small quantity of powder into a bowl. Mix it with small quantity of baking soda. Usually carpet-deodorizing powder is made up of baking soda base, suffused with scent. But sometimes due to low quantity of baking soda, the odor may not properly absorb. The scent will vanish soon, so baking powder is the key ingredient to solve the problem.

3) Wear a pair of nitrile rubber gloves on your hands. This is done to ensure that your hands do not get stains or blemishes due to allergic reactions.

4) Close the windows and doors for a while to keep the scent intact in the room.

5) Sprinkle the powder uniformly over the whole carpet area. Do not sprinkle on the corners because during vacuuming the powder may not get cleaned up. Even though you use a powerful vacuum cleaner but it can clean up to 95% of the powder. And the remaining powder may leave spot mark on the carpets.

6) Open the windows and doors to let the fresh air get mixed with the scent and create a magical inner environment.

7) Next day vacuum the whole carpet area, specially the heavy traffic area where powder sets down quickly, due to walking pressure.

 8) Be careful not to over apply the powder and to always vacuum thoroughly. Often times the powder can seep down into the pad under the carpet. When this happens white streaks or a powdery like residue could surface when you have your carpets steam cleaned. So again, be sure to do a good job vacuuming. A professional carpet cleaner will use a rinsing agent to avoid this from happening.

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