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Caring for Shag Carpeting and Area Rugs

Have you heard about shag rugs? One of the stunning rug designs available nowadays. It is recognized by its unkempt appearance. It’s a thrilling idea to buy but maintaining it is not so cool. You may be thinking, “Then why do people buy it?”

 This is because of:

• Royal appearance

• User friendly

• Long Lasting

• Premium quality

So, do you have the passion for the shag rugs? Have you already bought and installed them in your home? If the answer to the questions is yes, then you have come to the right place. A plus carpet cleaning, Redding ca has been providing quality services and expert guidance to buy and maintain shag rugs for quite a long time. We make sure you will enjoy the sheer luxury of such unique carpet and rugs.

Today we are going to unfold some of the secrets of caring for shag rugs, which makes your task easier. It can be done by yourself or by hiring a professional service provider.

1) Since, they are not normal rugs, normal vacuuming will not give better results. You should start row by row and use upholstery attachments to bring better results. It’s a time consuming process, so do not plan on cleaning the material if you are pressed for time.

2) Because of bulky size, hand washing and drying is not easy. It’s better to do machine washing & drying. And take care of the fact that the shaggy fibers easily get distorted.

 3) Because of its structure, it can absorb the moisture and odors of nearby objects quickly. So, odor control powder, washing, and moisture control must be ensured regularly.

4) Some shag rugs get yellowish in a year or two, due to its construction. Most of the time the original look can be restored through dye treatment and thorough washing.

5) Spot dyeing is not at all easy for these types of rugs because they fade away between the shaggy structures so quickly. It is recommended to have the rug or carpet treated with scotchguard to provide a protective layer of stain resistance.

6) Do not drag furniture over them as the furniture legs can pull the fibers and cause premature wear on the material.

If cared regularly, these shag rugs will remain your friend for a long time and bring the warmth and comfort look back into your home.

Enjoy your time walking & lying on the shag rugs. And do not forget to call us for your high quality cleaning services throughout the year. Damon Rydell of A Plus Carpet Cleaning can be reached anytime at (530) 223-4723. Located in Redding Ca, and servicing Shasta, Tehama, and Butte Counties.  We also specialize in Carpet repair, odor control, urine and pet treatment, carpet cleaning, tile cleaning, and grout repair.

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