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The Five Biggest Carpet Cleaning Mistakes.

Your carpets are one of your homes most costly investments, so why not make sure you are tasking care of them properly. There are three big mistakes that most homeowners engage in while attempting to clean their carpets themselves.

1. Giving the stain time to set in.

Stains are best treated immediately, allowing them sit even for half an hour can the stain to soak into your carpet and set in making them harder to remove. And if the stain is acidic it can seep into your carpet padding and eat away at your carpet fibers.

2. Rubbing in a stain

Often when a new stain has occurred the homeowner will vigorously rub the stain with a cloth in order to remove the stain. This is not the proper way to handle a stain. While rubbing the stain is a normal reaction, the best practice is to absorb rather than rub to avoid tearing or fading the carpet fibers and pushing the stain further into the carpet. When a Stain occurs, quickly place a clean wet cloth soaked in either vinegar or in a pinch water. Let the stain absorb into the cloth pulling away from your carpet fibers.

3. Choosing the right products to use on your carpets

Often when you clean a stain, it might reappear later because it was not properly cleaned the first time. If the above method of absorption doesn’t work right away, then your second attempt at cleaning the stain should involve a carpet cleaning solution. Do NOT use a household cleaner or laundry detergent. Make sure you purchase a solution that is safe for your type of carpet, or else you can make the situation worse. If you are unsure about the product do a patch test in a hidden area of carpet to ensure the product is safe to use on your stain.

4. Assuming your cleaning your carpets once in a while in enough, but don’t over clean.

Remember that even if you don’t see it, dust, dirt, allergens and various other particulates can build up in your carpet ad your daily traffic will grind that dirt into your carpet even more. Make sure to vacuum weekly and have a professional carpet cleaner like A Plus Carpet Cleaning come out and professionally clean your carpets twice a year. But also remember to avoid over cleaning which can damage and fade your carpets.

5. Don’t avoid professional carpet cleaners.

Your carpets are an investment and they are worth a little extra money spent on a professional carpet cleaner. Professionals like A Plus Carpet Cleaning have tried and true methods for not just removing stains and soil from your carpets but also extending the life and beauty of your carpets. They are professionals for a reason, they have the proper training and know how on what cleaning solutions to use and the proper way to treat all types of carpet and upholstery. They can also provide services such as deodorizer and scotschguard to help remove set in odors and help avoid future stains. You might think that using a portable cleaning unit might be cheaper but it doesn’t have the power that a professional truck mounted cleaning unit has. Professional carpet cleaners can ensure that your carpets are left clean; while portable units can leave residue that actually help the carpet collect dirt.

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Qualified carpet cleaners could give your rugs a comprehensive clean that will keep the carpets clean and fresh for a long time.


Professional carpet cleaners are professionals who know how to deal with every type of material and type of stains. They have specialized skills and techniques to deal with every type of carpets.

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